Welcome to The Liv’d Life

Life Organization Coach
& Stress Strategist
Let's build your life and business from a place of wellness and abundance. 

I'm Liv. I help business-savvy ladies hand craft their own uniquely incredible and fulfilling, best liv'd lives. Together we tackle your life craziness and stress hurdles so you can dig deep, strategize, overcome the chaos, and get organized to build your best.life.ever.
This little home on the web is also an inclusive space for all and the home to The Liv’d Life blog; a place of travel, love, life, wellness, education and so much more.
Welcome, Friend. 

I'm Liv.

I’m a Life Organization Coach and Stress Strategist. I'm always harboring big ideas, ridiculously huge goals, mass amounts of ice water and an even mightier mission to help as many stressed creatives as I can. A life rooted in wellness and abundance for every entrepreneurial woman is the end game. 

Here you will find creative and enterprising ways to construct your best liv'd life with someone who gets it: I’ve been at the hard end of the entrepreneurial game and I know what the tough stuff is like – and I had to use #alltheoils to get through it. I dug deep, turned it around and by tracking the HOW along the way; I created this business so I could help women like myself, as I wished someone had been able to help me. 

Let's get one thing straight: My life is not an organized, perfectly oiled machine. I struggle, daily. The difference is that I have a way to get past it that works, and I will continue to teach others exactly what that method entails until I make an impact on the crazy stressed, chaotic-in-a-bad-way business lady statistics in this world - because friend, they are not looking good right now. 

So come on, bring any baggage and that extra-large coffee (or water, or wine, no judgements as long as you share) – let’s go get this party started.  

Oh, and if you couldn’t smell it from there, I’m a huge essential oil fan, and I’d love to talk to you about that as tools to use in your life and biz. We can talk more about that here.

"Here you will find creative and enterprising strategies to construct the life of your dreams..."