Welcome to The Liv’d Life

Do you want to build your dreams from a place that is rooted in wellness, passion and abundance? Lovely – that is why I am here too.

An inclusive place that helps creatives and entrepreneurs find their sweet spot amidst wellness and life. It is also the home to The Liv’d Life blog, a place of travel, love, wellness and education and LOT’S of feelings… in a great way of course.

With community, education and support, this is a space for those to learn and commune and be the architects of their dream lives.  

I'm Olivia.

I’m a creative entrepreneur and wellness mentor. With big ideas and ridiculously huge dreams, I nurture them all from this space I like to call The Liv’d Life.  

Here you will find creative and enterprising ways to construct your visions with someone who gets it: I’ve been at the hard end of the entrepreneurial life and I know what the tough stuff is like – and I had to use #alltheoils to get through it.  

So come on, bring any baggage and that extra-large coffee (or wine, no judgements as long as you share) – let’s go get this party started.  

Oh, and if you couldn’t smell it from there, I’m a huge essential oil fan, and I’d love to talk to you about that. We can talk more about that here.

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"Here you will find creative and enterprising ways to construct your visions..."