Hi! I'm Liv.

I love to help others. Which is why I'm here, sharing this raw and real journey to becoming a mama as a wife in a same sex marriage. This journey is typically so secretive, quiet and when I started on it, hard to relate to. So here I am, an open book for you to read.

I love to help others. Leading people to a low toxic lifestyle and helping them build a life of wellness, purpose and abundance brings me fierce joy. So here I am, holding out my hand for you to take. 

I also love books and wine. Those two passions are hard to ignore if you are going to get a whole picture of me. So you'll see my recommendations, my thoughts and my feedback. Please, share yours too. 

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Love, Liv


I'm Liv. I live outside of Philadelphia with my wife, who is also named Olivia, and our two demons. I mean cats.
We are mama's in the making as we journey to grow our family.

I'm a lifetime entrepreneur, dramatic as hell and am obsessed with my family and friends. Wine, books and wellness are my love language and just like any other basic b, I'll happily stroll down a target aisle with a venti starbucks any day.

I created this corner to share my life and loves: real, raw and royally amazing or hard, however it comes. I hope you stick around and find some 'Me to' moments, a new trick or tip or are just entertained.

Welcome, Friend! 

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