Liv Tchinnis

Hi! I'm Liv.

I love to help others. Which is why I'm here, sharing this raw and real journey that is my life, alongside my passions for wellness, self, life coaching, and creative endeavors. This is the simplest way to explain why I am here thought: my intention with my companies and all of my platforms is to give you "me too moments," tips, tricks and tools that make your life better.

Thats me!
(and my cute wife)

I am a married mama to be. That's what I am calling myself in this season of waiting. As a same sex couple, getting to baby town is a lot harder (and more expensive! Don't get me started...) than it should be. So as we wait for a variety of reasons on our little family to grow, I'm claiming mama-to-be as my title. I do have two fur demons, I mean cats, so I guess I'm a mama in that way too. My wife is the love of my life and I am blessed to have her. She is also blessed to have me, so it evens out!

I talk a lot and have what I like to call "a lot of tabs open at once", both literally and figuratively. I am always on the move, always have a cup of ice water in hand and am likely wearing leggings and all black. Hey, I am who I am!

I'm a lifetime entrepreneur, dramatic as hell and am obsessed with my family and friends. Wine, books and wellness are my love language and just like any other basic b, I'll happily stroll down a target aisle with a venti starbucks any day.

I'm real happy you are here - stick around and  Welcome, Friend! 

Love, Liv

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