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March 2, 2018

Meet The LOiler – Brittany Lynn Monick

I am lucky enough to call myself  a LOiler – a member of the incredible group ‘The LOil’s’. It is a community filled with the most kind, funniest, loving people who have come together to share their wellness, lives and love with each other. It is uplifting and amazing. I also call myself lucky to introduce you to a bunch of those amazing people. Today I get to introduce you to Brittany Lynn Monick. A Young Living Senior Star (as of March 2018) with a heart of Gold. I’ve asked her to introduce herself below…


Hi, I’m Brittany!

I am a mommy to a sweet baby boy and I have an amazing fiance. I majored in Psychology and practice Yoga regularly.  I love reading, mostly fiction but I read almost anything but sci-fi.

I’m also in love with the outdoors and I love the beach and camping. I am very much into anything spiritual!

I am also all about health and wellness, whether it’s about food, yoga, fitness, or essential oils. I run a blog dedicated to mama’s especially and it deals with mental health, the struggles of motherhood and my personal journey through life.

Have any questions? Don’t be shy, please come on by. Cannot wait to meet you!

You can connect with me on:

instagram at: @brittany_lynn4192

facebook at: Mama All About Wellness 

blog at: Mama All About Wellness

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