I'm on a journey to become a mama with my Wife, who is also named Liv. I like octopuses, a great book and you’ll never find me without a big cup of ice water or a glass of wine by my side. I love essential oils, bad jokes, mini m&m’s and really big ideas. I talk a lot and love love love to laugh. Traveling is my jam. Right here you will see all of those things, plus a bit more craziness. Want to be friends? Hit the contact tab.  

I'm Liv

Covid-19 Put My Baby in the Corner

it sounds dramatic, but it truly does feel as if this virus has put my baby in the corner. let me explain. not my actual physical baby – we aren’t there yet. But my dreams and hopes of a baby? The start of the entire process? It’s sitting in a corner collecting dust until we […]

May 4, 2020

Photo of my wife and I, outlined in a sunset

Motherhood, Personal, The Life

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