I'm here, sharing this raw and real journey that is my life, alongside my passions for wellness, self, life coaching, and creative endeavors.   You'll see all that and more, here. This is the simplest way to explain why I am here thought: my intention with my companies and all of my platforms is to give you "me too moments," tips, tricks and tools that make your life better. Want to be friends? Hit the contact tab! 

Want to be friends? Hit the contact tab.  

I'm Liv

Covid-19 Put My Baby in the Corner

it sounds dramatic, but it truly does feel as if this virus has put my baby in the corner. let me explain. not my actual physical baby – we aren’t there yet. But my dreams and hopes of a baby? The start of the entire process? It’s sitting in a corner collecting dust until we […]

May 4, 2020

Photo of my wife and I, outlined in a sunset

Motherhood, Personal, The Life

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My Current Favorite Hand & Face Cream

I cannot stop talking about my current fave hand and face cream. I say current as my caveat that I reserve the right to change my mind or have a new fave down the line! But I’m not sure if anything is going to come along that is just this good… Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream is […]

April 30, 2020

Personal, Wellness

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To stay sane…

Both grateful and destroyed: a personal thought dump and my feelings on the last few weeks of this pandemic and being quarantined.

April 26, 2020


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January 2019 – Renew

Renew. re·new /rəˈn(y)o͞o/ verb verb: renew; 3rd person present: renews; past tense: renewed; past participle: renewed; gerund or present participle: renewing resume (an activity) after an interruption. “the parents renewed their campaign to save the school” synonyms: resume, return to, take up again, come back to, begin again, start again, restart, recommence; re-establish (a relationship). […]

January 8, 2019

Personal, The Life

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Wellness is not a synonym for Weight Loss

“You are on a so called wellness journey…. but you are still fat so I just don’t really get it” That was an instagram message I received after posting an introduction post about myself and explaining my love of wellness in my intro. Here I was, talking about my passions, and all this person saw was […]

May 5, 2018

Personal, Wellness

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Book Roundup – February 2018

I am a YUGE reader. YUGE I’ll tell you. Actually, I used to really hate reading when I was younger, but I got over that really darn quick because reading is that actual bomb.com. It is helpful and healing, a retreat when one is much needed, a place to call my own at a young […]

February 23, 2018


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Highs and Lows of 2017

I love the idea of a reflection post – something to summarize and look back on and so for the first time ever I want to introduce my (going to be annual) end of the year post:   The Highs and Lows of 2017   2017 was a year for the books – that’s for sure.   It […]

January 26, 2018


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