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September 14, 2020

Interviewing Heidi Bencsik

Interviewing the beautiful soul of Heidi Bencsik was pure joy. Her deep love of life and healing nature pour through even this terrible zoom quality. Her video interview is below and her

Heidi’s Beautiful Video Interview

Heidi also sent an interview script through, you can read it below…

  • Name 
    • Heidi Bencsik
  • Location
    • Doylestown, Pennsylvania 
  • What is 1 weird fact about yourself? 
    • I am constantly having private dance parties in my home. If you follow me on Instagram, you may catch some sneak peeks.
  • What is your highest rank? 
    • Platinum
  • What rank are you currently out? 
    • Platinum
  • What did you do as a profession before YL?
    • Chiropractor – Currently still practicing.
  • What is your favorite product? 
    • Femigen. It’s done wonders for balancing my cycle and clearing up migraines/cramps. Also, ART Intensive Moisturizer right now makes me feel luxurious at night mixed with my Blue Tansy glow serum.
  • What product convinced you that YL was IT? 
    • Joy. I didn’t realize that I could feel happier than I already did.
  • Some people call them ‘Ah-ha” moments or “a god thing” – Do you have a story or moment like that about the income someone or yourself has received from YL? 
    • Today is a perfect example. With having to shut my Chiropractic business down with the virus, I am beyond thankful that I continue to have a YL paycheck flowing in that exceeds my needs. Having a safety net feels so comforting and knowing that I am continuing to grow residual income takes a huge weight off of my shoulders. There have been many others along the way – both my sisters and our mom also do this business. Years ago, our initial family goal was to help move my sister and her family home from NC. That happened and then we kept rolling. Now, as my parents are retiring, it’s reassuring knowing that they will be cared for.
  • What traits or skills do you think are needed to move forward in this business? 
    • A willingness to show up every day and not stop – a commitment to carrying out what has been placed on your heart – commitment to yourself. Commitment to growing, self-reflecting, and being the best version of you!
  • What is one thing you did every day or consistently to grow your business? 
    • Showed up on repeat – sharing my message and educating. Showing up in my community, on repeat – being seen – nurturing and building new relationships. Also, choosing what I fill my time with – saying no to things that do not align with my goals for YL and for freedom. We have a CHOICE in our lives – we have the choice of what we fill our days with. As soon as you take ownership of your choices, you’ll transform your life. If you catch yourself saying “I’m so busy” “I had to work a 12 hour day” “my kids needed me” “I was up so late helping other people” etc on repeat, think about where you are giving your power away and what you are ultimately choosing as your reality.
  • What values do you want your team to uphold? What values do you lay out for them?
    • As a team, I desire for us to be intentional about the culture that we are creating for our team. We are a group of women that create change. We are indeed change makers. We take action. We see a need and step up to fill it. We act with urgency and passion. Our group runs on community and contribution. We take ownership over ourselves; committing to personal growth with the intention that we will show up to serve and bring our absolute best to the table. We are dreamers, movers, and shakers. We are vision casters. Our work matches our goals. Our goals are backed with deep, meaningful purpose. We CAN and choose to do hard things with grace, love, and diligence. Each one of us steps into a leadership role. We raise up a community of confident leaders committed to change. We are creative and solution-oriented. We embody an abundant mindset, positivity, hope, generosity, friendship, and compassion. We strive to strengthen our community of trust, respect, and accountability. We ARE change makers. 
  • You just signed someone up – what do you do next? 
    • Stick to them like glue. Support them and get to know them – their life, their needs, and their health goals. Set up a follow-up meeting for 2 weeks out to review the kit and questions. Let them know I will be in contact with them. Help them to fall in love with their kit and find as many ways as possible to use the kit. Gently weave them into our oil community; a larger pool of resources.
  • What are 3 tips to find people to share the products and or business with? 
    • Immerse yourself in your community. Really show up and get to know people, on repeat. Support local businesses, on repeat. Try new things – barre class, yoga, book club, coffee shops. Self-care – chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage, etc. Weave oils into every aspect of your life. When you do that, it will pour out of. you wherever you are and with whomever, you are with.
  • What is one lesson you have learned during your time in this business that has bettered or grown you as a person? 
    • Stay in your own lane. Stay focused on your own goals, business. Leaders will follow. I have the power to influence positive change, through gentleness and example. Dragging others along is a major energy suck.
  • Can you give me your top business mindset tips/tricks? 
    • Business tip – take the leap/burn the boat before you are completely ready -meaning don’t wait to leave your job until you’ve completely covered your paycheck or it will take that much longer. if you jump, just before it’s covered, you’ll free up space and time to create more than you could have imagined. Don’t wait to hire help until you have this enormous paycheck, do it responsibly. but as soon as you start delegating aspects of your life, that freed time and energy will grow your business right before your eyes.
  • While we are all quarantined – what are some things we can do to support our members? 
    • In our education group, we have a schedule of education/entertainment/experiences for our members to keep them connected, uplifted and educated. Yoga, Meditation, Storytelling, Education on topics, etc Zoom classes – zoom DIYs. Text your members – let them know you’re thinking of them. Ask them how they are holding up. Ask them if they need help putting together a wellness plan for their family.
  • Do you have a niche for your business? 
    • I fell deep in love with the emotional and spiritual aspects of oils early on and that is what I love to share and teach about. Helping others to move towards emotional freedom in their lives is really meaningful to me. With that comes – peace, joy, love, strengthened relationships with ourselves and the people in our lives.
  • Why is this business worth it? 
    • That is such a personal question and is really up to you to decide why it’s worth it. For me, it’s because I’m worth it. I’m worth having a life of purpose, joy, freedom to carry out my unique vision for my life. And women are worth it. I think women are powerful creatures – we are mothers, we are career women, we can essentially do it all. Yet, we get cornered into having to choose career over stay at home mom, or SHM over career typically because of finances. I want women to feel empowered to pave a new way of being for their families and not feel cornered into having to choose.
  • Can you give some words of motivation to those who feel like giving up? 
    • Ask yourself, are you comfortable in your current life – the way you feel within your spirit – your relationships – your career – your finances – your personal time? If you’re not ok with your life looking pretty much the same for the next 40 years, start over again. You’re worth more. You deserve to be healthy, at peace, fulfilled, financially stable, in respectful relationships, etc. Start over for you and for your children and their children and theirs.
  • Any last remarks?
    • Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can’t help but believe in you, too. As you continue to show up with that relentless belief, others will see it, they will feel it, they will be magnetized to you and your belief. They will catch wind and start believing too. That’s where we create the ripple effect, of change, of empowering others to also come forth in self belief and authentic living. That’s where we create change. Each one of you here are world changers. Sit with that. Taste it. Hold it in your heart as truth. Together, I believe we can empower an entire entourage of women (of people, of generations) that are stepping forward, chasing their own dreams and knowing they are worthy. It starts with you. Your belief. Your dreams.

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