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January 8, 2019

January 2019 – Renew





verb: renew; 3rd person present: renews; past tense: renewed; past participle: renewed; gerund or present participle: renewing

  1. resume (an activity) after an interruption.
  2. “the parents renewed their campaign to save the school”
synonyms: resume, return to, take up again, come back to, begin again, start again, restart, recommence;
    • re-establish (a relationship).
    • “he had renewed an acquaintance with McCarthy”
    • repeat (an action or statement).
    • “detectives renewed their appeal for those in the area at the time to contact them”
synonyms: reaffirm, reassert;
    • give fresh life or strength to.
    • “she would face the future with renewed determination”
synonyms: revive, regenerate, revitalize, reinvigorate, re-energize, restore, resuscitate, breathe new life into, rekindle

    • “something to renew her interest in life”
  • extend for a further period the validity of (a license, subscription, or contract).
  • “her contract had not been renewed”
synonyms: extend, prolong

    • “they renewed Jackie’s contract”
  • replace (something that is broken or worn out).
  • “check the joints—they may need renewing”
synonyms:      renovate, restore, refurbish, modernize, overhaul, redevelop, rebuild, reconstruct, remodel, bring something up to code;
(source: https://bit.ly/2TqXKSp )

I chose the word renew to be January’s word of the month for a few reasons, many of them connected to it being the first month of the new year. It is the renewal. The space where we set intentions, goals, visions. We look at our life and search for places to renew the magic;  audit our health, our businesses, our families, our wants and needs. Taking  a magnifying glass and a fine tooth comb to all the aspects of our lives and we renew the things that have worked, that bring us joy; we toss or rise above the things that don’t.

The odd thing about January is that it gives many the permission they need to renew their lease on life. Between June-september, people start falling off the wagon; not the wagon of their resolutions, but the wagon of life. The phrase “maybe I’ll just start again in the new year” starts popping up here and there.. Come October it is an all out “Im done with this year, I’ll renew in January”. This is both a beautiful and terrifying sentiment.

Beautiful because of the vision. Who doesn’t love a fresh start? A clean page. The beginning.

Terrifying because of insane permission people give themselves to give up on their lives before it is even ½ way done, or with a ¼ left in the year.

Now, hear me out: I am not preaching – I too have done this. Come October, the year has been hard or crazy or there is something better coming in the new year, and so I start looking forward to the renewal period. I start leaning into the future, forgetting the present. But the renewal period that comes with January, doesn’t have to come with the caveat of giving up on a part of your life to make it to that space, only to do the same cycle next year. The renewal can be at any moment you choose.


So. I chose the word renew for January because it is fitting. It is a clean slate, the start of a new year. And I hope you use it to the best advantage for you. But I hope you keep the word with you into June, and October and all the months where you feel like throwing in the towel and waiting for a fresh start. I hope you treat every day as a renewal, and carry this feeling with you, along with the knowledge that at any moment, you can renew your lease on life and change it for the better.

Renew. Such a simple word that can mean so much to so many. A concept that has the space to change a person’s life. In writing this, I wanted other opinions, searching for deeper meaning. I asked my wife what it meant to her. She said subscriptions. #divingdeepintothenextflixsubscription

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