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April 28, 2018

25 Steps to Refocus Your Network Marketing Team

I recently took a team management course and it was so so SO good. One of the units was about focusing and refocusing your team and how in team based businesses, this is one of the biggest (and sometimes hardest..) jobs to do. I felt like I learned SO much and I wanted to bring it back and share, so out came this; 25 Ways to Refocus Your Network Marketing Team when you are at your wits end, your business is stalling, you want to pull out your hair and, worst of all, your team is falling apart into excuses, upsets, emotions and off the edge.   

Network Marketing (also called multi-level marketing, MLM, networking businesses, etc.) is all about the people, the team, the network. Refocusing and bringing your team and your mission back together will only serve one purpose: helping your team to regain traction and control over their business (and within that scope, it is helping them help you!). The following steps is a simple system to regroup, refocus and revamp your team and your growth.


So, you’ve been building your business and you love your team of people and everything is going great! Until… it’s not. Your team is frustrated, stalled – you find yourself unmotivated and wondering what kind of crap leader you really are (spoiler alert: YOU ARE NOT!). The following is an step by step guide to run through whenever you start to see the cracks in your team start to show.

Important: Anything bolded should be done individually or amongst the team leaders/managers, the unbolded items are actions the team should take together.

  1. Observe them – Why are they unmotivated
  2. Ask if they need time (for themselves, to gather life strings, etc.) or if they are stalled for some reason.
  3. Have the team members (separately or all together) retrace to the last time they were motivated, write it all out, listed in steps one by one to that point.
  4. Analyze the steps – what has changed?
  5. Visualize any distractions that could cause the change.
  6. Hear out the team – any complaints, hurt feelings, blocked paths. This can be done individually or as a group.
  7. As a team, draw/list the perfect team traits and what the entire tribe visualizes their dream team to look like. As a team, visualize what the dream team traits are.
  8. After that, identify differences with current team and dream team – what is different? what is the same?
  9. Determine if (who) in your team cares enough to continue and reach out to them, ask them directly. If they want to continue, ask them to identify what that means to them and what they are doing to further their team. 
  10. Help them acknowledge what issues are as a team.
  11. Find others/peers who are connected but not in your team to help you analyze and brainstorm the issues. 
  12. Mediate any inter-team issues, big and small. This can be done as a team or 1-1 with team members.
  13. Listen and note any recurring issues.
  14. Mentally “replace” any team members that are not carrying on or helping in any way. It is okay to let them go. You will go farther running with 1 person than you will dragging 5 people. 
  15. Mix up how the team see’s the task(s) on hand: have them step out of comfort zone to do new tasks.
  16. Start looking for new (additional) team members. 
  17. Have team members find their strengths. Then group with others and have them find each others strengths. Create board/text/list of everyone’s strengths and organize by each team member.
  18. Ask the team what they feel is still holding them back – identify any outstanding problems and start problem solving. It might (most likely) will be that the solution to their problem is already out there. Point them to it and keep them moving.
  19. Document the progress that has been made for future set backs. This can be done in a post, video, email: explain what the issues were, how the team has been overcoming them, and a motivational/proud of you message. Make sure the team sees it, then keep for any future needs. 
  20. Record any action items for the team to look back on – make sure they have access to this document.
  21. Once past is handled – look to the future. Acknowledge the hardship, and move on.
  22. Set team goals, team rules/regulations/golden rules, team member responsibilities.
  23. Patiently expect positive change and motivate it.
  24. Bring positive mentors/leaders into the team to motivate. 
  25. Model positive team environment and Motivate as often as possible. 

and 26. as a little bonus for you…

Pass this onto your leaders so once they build their team, they don’t panic when things go south a little. Equip your team and your’s will continue to grow.


Some other great resources on team management:

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  1. Julia

    May 17th, 2018 at 12:31 am

    This is so helpful! I really need to work on refocusing my own marketing!

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