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March 16, 2018

Tranquil Essential Oil

Let’s talk about Tranquil Essential Oil…

First off.. It’s the best thing ever… and I DO say so myself !

Tranquil is a blend that Young Living has formulated using Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile. It comes in a 10 mL roller and straight out of the package it is ready to jump to your needs and it is basically the essential oil of your dreams.

This relaxing, zen like blend is amazing to supplement sleep and general calming and let me tell you – it is a HUGE hit with the mamas 😉

“The Tranquil Roll-On applicator provides convenience and portability, and its proprietary essential oil combination offers a warm, slightly sweet fragrance. Just inhale deeply or roll onto your wrists to enjoy a moment of tranquility.” – youngliving.com

Young Living has a few different rollers, but out of all of them, this is my absolute favorite! It is my secret weapon on kiddos and honestly, on myself as it helps me sleep so well. I swipe it on my chest or back every single night and have found it must harder to sleep without it.

Other great uses?
– Long car rides! (Traffic anyone?)

– Unhappy Kiddos

– Yoga Class!

– Meditation

-Snoring spouses

-Long flights

– After a panic attack*

*(from experience, I know how truly helpful this can be.)

Grab your Tranquil Oil here: Oil Please! 

  • Click the link above
  • Choose “Member”
  • You can grab a premium starter kit (ranging from $45 -$300)
  • Add on Tranquil Oil
  • Check out!
  • Shoot me an email at: contact@thelivdlife.com and I’ll send you all the oily info you would ever need + $10 back on your purchase.
  • Head to: The LOils Page – Our amazing community of wellness minded people.

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  1. Chrystina

    April 11th, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    I’ve heard so many wonderful things about essential oils recently, it’s interesting to read which are people’s favorites and all the uses for them. Also cool to know they come in rollers.

  2. Heidi Roland

    April 11th, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Sounds like and go-to oil to have handy! Thanks for sharing!

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