I like octopuses, a great book and you’ll never find me without a big cup of ice water by my side. A total freak for essential oils, bad jokes, mini m&m’s and really big ideas, I talk a whole freaking lot   and love love love to laugh. I have a hot fiancé who I love making   googly eyes at and I’m a momma to two crazy cats. Traveling is my jam. Right here you will see all of those things, plus a bit more craziness. Want to be friends? Hit the contact tab.  

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The Life

June 20, 2017


Hi Friends and Welcome to TheLivdLife!

My new home on the web has come so far from the last time it was up and running, it makes me cry every time I think about it. Which is all day… so you see how that might be a problem…

BUT IT’S FINE! More than fine! because YOU are HERE my friend, which makes me oh so gloriously happy! Here to enjoy this journey with me. Here to see all of my success and equally, all of my failures. I’m sure there will be plenty of both, and I am blessed I will be able to share them with you.

So what will this journey look like? I have a frame in mind but to be honest, I am more excited to see where it will take me, with you along for the ride. The rule of life is that there is no rules, eh? So I will try to make this space about..

This space will be about wellness.

This space will be about adventures.

This space will be about business.

All with a bit of life thrown in and around it.

I am excited to have you here my friends, I am so happy you have come to share this space with me. I’m delighted with what the future holds, I cannot wait to get started.



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