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I know everyone loves a good deal, so I’m offering a FREE diffuser with your purchase when you sign up with me! Whatever you choose, be it the classic Premium Starter Kit or (my favorite) the Thieves Cleaning kit, simply click the button below to purchase your PSK and I’ll send you a FREE diffuser (my favorite one from amazon) separately as a gift from me!
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Young Living?

The World Leader in Essential Oils for over 22 years, Young Living makes products that are excellent in quality and crystal clear in production. Their research, openness and testing is unsurpassed by all other Essential Oil companies, making them truly trustworthy.  They also have an incredible foundation that is dedicated to helping their different projects, such as building schools in 3rd world countries and aiding relief efforts in recent natural disasters, to name a few. Even cooler? The Founder of Young Living pays all administration fees out of pocket, so 100% of your donation goes to the cause. They also have The Seed to Seal Process, an incredible method that certifies the quality of the products they out put, and they are the only company in the world with this promise.

Check out Young Living’s Seed to Seal Promise

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Our Community

Simply Live Well is an incredible community of people who are dedicated to elevating their wellness in all aspects of life. We are friends, family and partners who cheer each other on, give advice and offer support during the good times and the bad. We value education, inclusiveness and belief in the value of every day magic. We talk all aspects of wellness, on top of essential oils and chase after our dream lives, together. It is an utter pleasure to be a part of this community and there is always a seat open for anyone who resonates with the above, we always welcome new friends. 
YOU belong here. 

Check out Young Living’s Seed to Seal Promise

Learn More about the Young Living Foundation


Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants. The oil can be obtained from the roots, seeds, shrub, flowers, leaves and trees and bring health and healing to the body. The chemistry is insanely complex and may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds. There are three main ways to use essential oils, but there are a couple hundred types and thousands of usages for them. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature's pure essence. 

what are

Essential Oils?

This is such an exciting moment for you and your family. Right now you are inviting in a peaceful, empowering, abundant way of living. I could not be more thrilled for you and this decision! 
Saying yes to these products will build a huge impact. It reminds me of that song: "It started out as a feeling , Which then grew into a hope, Which then turned into a quiet thought , Which then turned into a quiet word And then that word grew louder and louder 'Til it was a battle cry" This yes will have a huge impact! 
When I opened this door over 4 years ago, I didn't realize the empowering, enlightening, sweet, abundant way that using safe, clean products would effect and transform my life. It is pure joy to replace the crap with safe and clean products. It builds confidence and joy, knowing you are using products that only serve you. You are about to fall in love and I couldn't be happier for you. This might sound dramatic, but welcome to the next level!

Simply Living Well,
One Step at a Time 

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Choose Your Own Adventure

We are going to make like one of those ‘Choose your own adventure’ books from our childhood's and you can pick where you want to go from here! 

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I don't want to choose,  just give me the oils!